MoMA visitors in NYC will be familiar with German artist Wolfgang Laib’s ‘Pollen from Hazelnut’ — an installation made from hazelnut pollen. Laib says of the materials with which he works, “..I think everybody who lives knows that pollen is important.” Now it’s DC’s turn to learn with The Phillips Collection about to open a new installation by Laib as well. Inside the ‘Laib Wax Room’- a room lined with fragrant beeswax and illuminated by a single bare light bulb - you will find the exhibit ‘Where have you gone – where are you going?’, which is a virtual room of wax. Laib melted approximately 660 pounds—at a constant temperature to achieve a uniform golden hue, and then used tools such as a spatula, spackle knife and electric heat gun to apply the wax on the walls floor and ceiling of the 6-by-7-by-10-foot space.

(via thehort)

  • Mar. 4, 2013